ISBN 978-0-88801-771-0, September 2023, Turnstone Press, MB

The Twistical

Nature of Spoons

Blisse has guarded the family secret for her entire childhood. No one can know the origin of her unconventional birthday gifts. Her mother, Ina, has insisted that Blisse never tell a soul believing its the only way to keep her daughter safe from a dire fate. Together, mother and daughter must sift through their own versions of events to understand how the secret has led to the unravelling of their lives. Chock-full of masks and curses, art and magic, seduction and spoons, their stories are both fraught with misdirection and awash in whimsy. Can their revelations negate a tragic prediction? Or is the dissolution of love and family inevitable?

A chance encounter. A family secret. Lives bound together and torn apart. Blisse and Ina cordially invite you, the reader, to pick a side.