Ghost Most Foul

"Ghost Most Foul is an engaging, well-written story that will hold a reader’s attention without seeming either overbearing or bland. ... This added layer of complexity, combined with cozy ghost story and mystery elements, form a narrative that middle-graders looking for a short, offbeat read will enjoy "
Quill and Quire, April 2015

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"I was able to devote almost unbroken hours to reading Ghost Most Foul by Manitoba writer Patti Grayson, and good thing: I was so swept up in this compelling juvenile novel I wanted to charge through it like an athlete storms through opponents to win a game."
Shelleyannleedahl.blogspot.ca, May 2015

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"Grayson balances events and evidence so that readers can have it any way they will, along with plenty of heartstopping drama on the court...this above-average mix of sports action and the supernatural with a neat but credible climactic twist."
Booklist, April 2015

Autumn, One Spring

'Well, long may they [Turnstone Press] live if they continue filling bookstore shelves with the likes of Patti Grayson’s Autumn, One Spring... A debut novel... a charmer, a high-speed book with wonderful twists and turns and real-live characters in whom you can believe...Grayson is a master at keeping three balls in the air at once, juggling her characters as they bounce off each other, time and again. And can she write!'
The SunTimes, November 2010

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'Grayson is an author of great talent. Not only does she know how to write a witty and solid story, but she is also able to create characters that speak to the reader from the first page.'
Examiner.com, January 2011

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'For this reader, Autumn, One Spring brought to mind Shakespeare’s comedies: all these secrets, misunderstandings, and personal foibles, and the resulting machinations as the characters behave ever more erratically... Grayson does a wonderful job of telling the story in only Autumn's voice.'
Atikokan Progress, November 2010

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'Fans of rural sitcoms like Northern Exposure and Corner Gas will get a big kick out of Manitoban Patti Grayson's first novel Autumn, One Spring , about a woman in her early 20s returning to her small-town home... Autumn, One Spring is a chick-lit page-turner both humorous and sensual in its style.'
Winnipeg Free Press, November 2010

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Core Samples

'When Grayson allows her characters to grow, to grapple with events (she needs only four or five pages to do it), her writing is rich with drama and psychological nuance. Drunks in a grotty strip bar, film producers in a Malibu beach house, a pubescent jewellery thief or a burned-out forest-fire fighter -- all are equally, fully human.'
The Globe and Mail, June 26, 2004

'The stories in Core Samples are well constructed for the most part. Grayson displays a real skill for plot, building tension deftly in “Bring to Bear,” where a single woman becomes convinced that her creepy neighbour has kidnapped her dog, and “Taking on Water,” where a sailing expedition looks to turn tragic. The most successful stories are those elevated to a level of charming quirkiness that just skirts absurdity...'
Quill & Quire, July 2004

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'Together, Grayson's stories provide a compelling, fragmented read. Her style maintains a strong, prairie voice that is both enjoyable and slightly disturbing...the intensity of the collection comes from the inner struggles of its characters, as they attempt to navigate the social structures that appear around them.'
Winnipeg Free Press, June 27, 2004

'This is solid and thoughtful prose, written with humanity and generosity. These are stories of understatement for the large part, tales of infidelity and other bad decisions in which characters lose some of their innocence as they learn larger truths.'
Uptown, April 22, 2004